Shaping the future!

BiL Private School has enhanced Stuttgart’s educational scene since 2004/2005. It is a private school pursuant to the school law of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

BiL Private School works hand-in hand with students, teachers and parents to create an atmosphere in which living and learning together can be positively experienced as an enduring basis for future life.

Importantly, this approach demands that learning be understood as an individual process, inquiring learning is encouraged, social and intercultural skills are strengthened and the idea of democratic shared responsibility for the school is imparted to the students. Individual learning is not regarded as just one of many modern theories to be cultivated, but a goal designed to lead to independent and, more importantly, lifelong learning.

Students are encouraged to ask questions, adopt a critical approach and investigate, work out and put forward solutions. Individualised learning processes paired with the individual development of children and young people is aimed at arousing curiosity and pleasure in acquiring knowledge.

Living and learning in a community strengthens tolerance and provides a fresh outlook on subjects.

The school educates its students to become liberally minded citizens. Mutual respect and support is to become second nature to them. The principle of solidarity is implemented in everyday school life through complementary projects in which students work together to achieve common objectives. In doing so, they learn how to think and act democratically.

The new building is designed to create even more flexibility which we need to fully realise our educational ideas.

neubau bil privatschule gross

New building of the BiL Private School; completion is planned for 2012

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Dining hall

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