A city also for children and families

Stuttgart is a pioneer in its declared objective of becoming the most child-friendly city in Germany, and is drawing closer to this ideal all the time. All political parties represented in the city council agree that child- and family-friendliness is a major priority to be taken into consideration by the municipal administration in all projects and planning measures. Accordingly, investments in facilities and activities on behalf of children and young people have been continually increasing. The city employs a full-time children’s commissioner as liaison officer and coordinator of all activities related to young people.

A long-term study over five years confirmed that family/work compatibility and conditions for promoting and educating young people in the state capital have greatly improved. Childcare facilities for babies and toddlers in Stuttgart have been expanded more than in other large German cities. Important topics such as programmes for teaching German as a foreign language, after-school care and extracurricular cooperative activities are intensively supported. The city’s advisory council as well as the sponsoring association ”Child-friendly Stuttgart“ and the citizen’s association ”Buergerstiftung Stuttgart“ ensure that children and families enjoy the benefits of a strong lobby. These groups consult, promote and initiate numerous projects for families in close cooperation with the Stuttgart city council and the city’s children‘s commissioner. The Stuttgart educational partnership plays a key role in promoting these activities, aiming to create an educational biography for every single child from day-care centre through to the start of his or her working life. The state capital is also co-initiator of the European urban network “Cities for Children”, in which 61 metropolitan areas from 32 countries participate. The objective is to expand the realisation of family-oriented policies on a national scale, and thus create a broad, child-friendly environment throughout Europe.

The rising birth rates in Stuttgart, which contradict the declining trend predicted in 2002, provide evidence that Stuttgart is on the right path.

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The children‘s playground arena “Stutengarten”

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