“It takes a village to raise a child”

This is an old African proverb. And it is true, since apart from absorbing know­ledge from their parents and school, children daily learn from their environment. Stuttgart and its surroundings have a great deal to offer in the way of education. There are about 250 schools in the metropolitan area, including state and private schools as well as schools for children with learning difficulties. Multilingual classes are offered at the ”International School of Stuttgart“, where pupils can attain internationally recognised leaving certificates, especially the International Baccalaureate. The state capital provides many initiatives which support and promote children and young people in their individual development. A great variety of different programmes were developed and implemented under the organisational umbrella of the educational sponsorship programme ”Stuttgart Sponsors for Education and Future“. One of them is entitled ”Senior citizens help middle-school pupils in their transition to a vocation“. Other examples are high-school students supporting primary-school children of Turkish origin, and culture enthusiasts sponsoring regular visits of schoolchildren to the theatre. The Stuttgart region Chamber of Commerce also supports educational partnerships by arranging for and accompanying cooperations between schools and companies.

The declared objective is to have every secondary school enter into a cooperative relationship with a company in order to strengthen economic and commercial training and promote the ability of pupils to successfully pursue further vocational training or university studies.

The Chamber of Commerce platform ”tecnopedia“ networks schools with the economy and academia in order to increase pupils‘ interest in technology. Special classroom projects and packages are provided to the school faculty. The number of private schools has been increasing for years. In the Stuttgart region, over 16 per cent of pupils attend independently operated schools.

Every family in the Stuttgart region can select the most appropriate school for their children from a large selection of possibilities. The choice includes Waldorf schools, schools featuring bilingual lessons and many other schools with particular specialisations and focus areas.

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