Stuttgart companies foster researchand are socially committed

The establishment of a foundation is a clear commitment to social responsibility. Citizens can freely engage their efforts for the good of society, influence community life and actively shape the country. The former latter have meanwhile reached their organisational limits in respect of social, economical and cultural issues. Many projects oriented towards the common good can only be achieved with the help of foundations.

The Stuttgart region has the most dynamic foundation community in Germany. There are over 1,100 foundations within the city’s administrative district. The state capital also has at its disposal considerable foundation assets spread over 28 legally dependent foundations and 28 funds.

One of the oldest foundations was established in 1269, the “Hospital Foundation of the Holy Spirit” in Schwaebisch Gmuend. Foundations endure for centuries, even withstanding wars and revolutions. Nowadays they are increasingly fulfilling the role of influential movers encouraging an active society of citizens. Focuses include research, education, environment, culture, social affairs and international cooperation. Like a commercial enterprise, they also seek success, coupled with the objective of a good cause.

In view of the relevance and necessary professionalism in the management and organisation of foundations, the European Business School has been offering for years intensive part-time courses in foundation management.

Around 100 legally independent foundations from the Stuttgart region have joined together in the “Initiativkreis -Stuttgarter Stiftungen“ (Initiative Group of Stuttgart Foundations), forming a forum for exchanging information and experience.

initiative deutschmobil klein

In the DeutschMobil Initiative the Robert Bosch Foundations send ten teaching assistants to France every year. With vans provided by Mercedes-Benz they visit primary schools and colleges in France with the aim of countering an often one-sided view of Germany with a friendlier, more contemporary one.

uebergabe stuttgart francemobil klein

FranceMobil was developed later as a counterpart. With vehicles from Renault Deutschland AG, 12 young French teaching assistants visit kindergartens and schools all over Germany.

breuninger stiftung runder tische klein

Round Table: a concept for a civil society allowing participation and creating new perspectives in consensus

wasan island klein

International meetings: in the summer months conferences, workshops and closed-door meetings take place on Wasan Island (Canada)

lesefest klein

Theatre sponsors: sparking children’s enthusiasm for culture – and enjoying theatre at all stages in life

olgaele stiftung klinikclowns klein

Laughter is healthy: the Olgaele-Stiftung für das kranke Kind e.V. looks after small patients in the Olga Hospital and funds the hospital clowns there

stiftungen innovationspreis klein

Winner of the Innovation Prize of the Berthold Leibinger Foundation: Professor Thorsten Trupke, Dr. Robert Bardos The University of New South Wales & BT Imaging Pty Ltd., Australia

stiftungen kindertaler klein

The Buergerstiftung Stuttgart (Stuttgart Citizens Foundation) collects money for successful children’s projects in Stuttgart to ensure their future in the long term

oskar lapp stiftung kardiologie forschung kl

The Oskar-Lapp Foundation supports young scientists in cardiology research


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