Turn your hobby into a job!
Kiedaisch Academy for Sport and Exercise

The new competence centre in its impressive school building on the Weinsteige offers vocational training for the dream job of sports instructor and, since 2011, a bachelor degree course. Courses like leisure sports, sport therapy, personnel training, dance teaching, children’s sports, 50+, spa fitness, studio management or snow sports focus on the job market.

The health sector is covered by the physiotherapy and occupational therapy school. This multi-faceted training concept ensures that the third-generation family-run business affords an important contribution to Stuttgart as a city of sport. Every year over 150 Kiedaisch graduates enter the sport and healthcare market, allowing many clubs, gyms, children’s sports schools and rehabilitation centres to serve the mass of sports enthusiasts adequately for the first time. All three courses are officially recognised, funded and end in a state-certified final examination. Student figures reflect the success of this concept. Sport and gymnastics: over 350 students. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy: over 170 students. Kiedaisch is thus one of the major names of this game in Germany.

Since 2011: Bachelor of science
Since 2011, Abitur (German school-leaving certificate and university entrance qualification) holders and college students have also been able to acquire a bachelor’s degree. This course offered at the Weinsteige premises is run in tandem with training to become a sports instructor and the Dresden International University (DIU) and is completed in eight semesters. This is the first-ever pilot project to exist in Germany with the aim of giving sport and gymnastic instructors an academic base.

Showpiece for the city
The whole is offered in a building with a future-focused heating concept. The school is largely independent of fossil fuels thanks to a geothermal system linked into an activation unit in the floors and walls, and appropriate insulation.