“Education means empowering young people to shape their own lives”

Dr. Klaus Vogt, Chairman of Kolping-Bildungswerk Wuerttemberg e.V.

Extensive educational offering for young people and adults

“Varied, professional, creative” is how the Kolping-Bildungswerk describes its work. And, indeed, these three keywords are a fair summary of what this independent educational institution does.

What began as an evening school in the Stuttgart Heusteig district has developed just 50 years later into one of the largest private educational establishments in Southern Germany. It runs around 50 schools with more than 250 permanent staff and 400 freelance teachers at fifteen locations in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The extensive offering in further and ­basic training, ranging from courses of one day to several years, includes Abitur and Fachhochschulreife (German university and university of applied sciences entrance qualification, respectively) training courses and career orientation programmes of which 10,000 students avail themselves every year.

Such development is only possible if the educational offering is continually and successfully adapted to new challenges and addresses current demand. Developing educational options is therefore the key concern of the Chairman, Dr. Klaus Vogt, who took over the chair of the reputable institution in 2010. Kolping achieves ongoing growth mainly through own development of new products which frequently originate from proven school types. Its strategy also includes targeted acquisitions. In summer 2011, for instance, the educational institution acquired the well-known Holzbecher fashion school and now offers the attractive vocational certificate of a state-certified designer.

In its daily work the independent education institution follows the example of Adolf Kolping, the man after whom it is named, and upholds a Christian perception of humankind and the world. Values like the common good, solidarity and sustainability therefore provide the educational base and are incorporated in the subject matter and school practice. Observance of these fundamental values automatically results in students and trainees being educated to conduct themselves responsibly in their dealings with people and resources.

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Dr. Klaus Vogt, CEO

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