Outsourcing financial and payroll accounting:
BW EGERMANN – always a move ahead

Service provider and advisor in equal parts
As service provider BW EGERMANN takes on tax-related, legal and corporate management assignments, pilots you through the tax jungle and provides swift, straightforward assistance in day-to-day business. When the occasion demands, we also vigorously defend your interests with the ingenuity of a chess player. As advisor on the other hand, BW EGERMANN analyses business processes, identifies improvement potential and critically appraises existing structures. Business administration expertise, legal advice, specialised industrial know-how and an entrepreneurial mindset round off our services spectrum.

Modern accounting solutions
As a competent and reliable service provider, BW EGERMANN ­takes on part or all of your financial or payroll accounting. In doing so, we combine long-standing experience with the modern tools of a professional out­sourcing service. Permanent access to current data is therefore ensured. Processes become more reliable, efficient and ­faster.

This is the easy way to reliably and effectively minimise costs, optimise processes and improve efficiency.

You can rely on us for:

  • Personal attention and advice taking into account the big picture of personal and economic circumstances, frequently in long-standing relations going back decades, over several generations.
  • Putting the client first. Solutions are found that do the job at a reasonable cost.
  • An independent, conscientious, confidential approach using our own initiative.
  • Responsible, prudent action, particularly in adverse and exceptional circumstances.
  • High standards demanded of ourselves and employees.
bw egermann image

bw egermann florian egermann klein

Qualified legal practitioner Florian Egermann Specialist lawyer for tax law

bw egermann ralph setzer klein

Qualified economist Ralph Setzer Accountant, tax advisor

bw egermann holger wandel klein

Qualified business manager Holger Wandel Tax advisor

bw egermann martin wulf klein

Qualified financial consultant Martin Wulf Accountant, tax advisor



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