SÜDWESTBANK AG – independent with strong local roots

SÜDWESTBANK is a medium-sized private bank active in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Founded in Stuttgart in 1922, today it offers customers assistance in various financial matters. It is represented by 26 branches stretching from Mannheim to Lake Constance. With assets totalling over four ­billion euros, it is one of Germany’s foremost independent financial institutions.

Its privately owned structure, strong local roots and long experience ­make­ SÜDWEST- BANK a reliable partner. It combines the high personal responsibility of a private bank with the efficiency of a modern financial service provider. The bank makes a substan- tial contribution to the Baden-Wuerttemberg business community. Together with its ­private and corporate customers, it shapes one of Europe’s most economically successful regions.

The traditional bank places first priority on a close, trust-based client-advisor relationship, discretion, transparency and far-sighted action. These qualities not only impress clients. They have repeatedly won the regard of the independent jury of the Elite report. In cooperation with the Handelsblatt, this professional committee annually examines around 350 asset management companies and banks in the entire German-speaking area. SÜDWESTBANK has already received several awards and ranks as one of the top asset management companies.

The bank cultivates values like commitment, honesty and responsibility, both ­towards clients and society in general. SÜDWESTBANK upholds this responsibility and ­regularly contributes to community life. It funds selected regional projects in the fields of culture, art, science, sport and in the social sector.


suedwestbank filiale stuttgart gr

The organic forms and green walls of the Rotebuehlstrasse branch set it apart from conventional bank architecture

suedwestbank vorstand kl

The board of Südwestbank AG:
Dr. Andreas Maurer, Dr. Wolfgang Kuhn (board spokesman), Wolfgang Jung

suedwestbank zentrale kl

The Südwestbank headquarters in the west of Stuttgart



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