The BKK:
Renowned for first-rate health care and service

Thanks to its diversity, the BKK is the type of health fund best equipped to cater to the individual needs of its policyholders. Many excellent schemes for health promotion, assistance during ill health and targeted company health care offer BKK clients allround protection.

Each BKK focuses its activities on offering clients the best possible care through concepts which address needs and close client contact: the result is a high level of service and efficient, quality-assured health care.

The BKK advocates innovative, high-quality health care that offers value for money. Thanks to its diversity, it can provide health insurance protection tailored to the individual needs of its clients. Its highest goal is to provide its members with outstanding care on attractive terms.

A particular concern of the BKK is preventive health care and actively involving patients in the treatment process.

The BKK Landesverband Baden-Wuerttemberg provides the BKK and other health care partners with targeted, individual support with a portfolio of innovative products and services – from advice on social insurance law to increasingly complex funding issues.

Together with the company health insurance funds, we actively shape the health care system today, to ensure the success of medical care in the future.

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