2E mechatronic – microsystems for industry

2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG, Kirchheim unter Teck, is a medium-sized company with a successful track record in the automotive, industrial electronics, medical engineering and automation sectors.

2E mechatronic was founded on 1 October 2002 and has since been an independent member of the Narr Group. In 2010 the company achieved an annual turnover of 10 million euros with its present workforce of 69 employees. Uwe Remer is the managing partner.

Its innovative products and production techniques, which are subject to continuous development, have earned the company a national and international reputation, and today it ranks as one of the leading providers of MID technology (MID = Molded Interconnect Devices).

The range of products includes DIN connectors, capacitive inclination sensors, MID light elements and flow sensors.

In the precision injection moulding area, enclosures for ESP® and side airbag sensors are mass produced on fully automated plants, making 2E one of the key suppliers to the automotive industry.

The company is also ideally equipped for future market developments with its know-how and ongoing research and development work, also in the field of sensors and medical engineering.

Research and development work at 2E mechatronic is strongly influenced by the principle of networking and, through numerous research projects, has for many years fostered cooperation with regional research and training institutes.

2e firmengebaeude kirchheim unter teck gross

2E company building in Kirchheim unter Teck

2e mid led_leuchtelement

MID LED light element

2e kapazitiver 360 neigungssensor klein

Capacitive 360° inclination sensor

2e solo zucker klein

MID flow sensor

2e sensorgehaeuse klein

Sensor housings



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