Balluff – High tech industrial automation

lnnovative technology with solid cost advantages and benefits is a Balluff speciality. Founded in Neuhausen a.d.F. in 1921, the company has developed over the past 90 years into one of the leading globally active sensor specialists and providers of networking solutions for all sectors of factory automation.

Although most Balluff components and systems look fairly unobtrusive, they operate efficiently. Acting like sensory organs, sensors and distance-measuring systems monitor automated production processes at many places in a machine. You will find them wherever products such as cars, mobile phones and MP3 players have to be produced
in large quantities and thus at a reasonable price and with consistent quality.

Demand for the products is so high that the company group workforce has soared to over 2,200 employees worldwide. Subsidiaries and representatives are located around the globe. Production facilities are not only concentrated at the headquarters, which are located in the immediate vicinity of Stuttgart Airport, but also in six other modern factories in Hungary, Switzerland, the USA, Brazil, Japan and China.

Balluff has been a family-run company for four generations and, in contrast to many other stock-exchange-oriented companies, places priority on sustainability and long-term planning. Here, the main focus is on investing in research and development. This allows the company to offer its customers a stream of new solution-oriented products. In doing so, it definitively influences many trends, a fact also reflected by the award of the “Competence Prize for lnnovation and Quality Baden-Württemberg 2009”.

It is no accident that Balluff is considered to be one of the region’s most attractive employers. Not only does the company have its own apprentice training scheme and interesting occupations, it also ensures the best possible working conditions, for instance flexible, family-friendly working hours and extensive social benefits.

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