Invented for life – with a global reach

Bosch Group is one of Germany’s largest industrial corporations. As a leading international technology and service provider, Robert Bosch GmbH comprises more than 300 subsidiaries and regional companies in over 60 countries. Together with its distribution partners, Bosch is represented in around 150 countries. Around the globe, 283,500 employees, 113,600 of whom are located in Germany, achieved a turnover of 47.3 billion euros in the fiscal year 2010. Their activities cover automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods and building technologies.

In 2010 Bosch invested around 2.4 billion euros in tangible assets to further extend international business, strengthen corporate sectors and develop future-focused business fields. A major project was the semiconductor factory for 200 mm wafers in Reutlingen, which went online in 2010 at a cost of 600 million euros. As the key growth motor which accounts for a third of the company’s turnover, the future-oriented areas of energy efficiency, resource saving and environmental protection are actively promoted.

Bosch technical solutions can be found all over the world. In London, Peru, Lhasa or Shanghai, in fairytale castles or mega stadiums, the opera or hard rock – Bosch technology is everywhere, guaranteeing reliability and precision. Bosch packaging technology provides sterile, hygienic wrapping for medicine and food. Thermal engineering ensures comfortable ambiences and high convenience hot water supplies. Environmentally friendly products like gear units for wind turbines, solar cells and modules or fuel-saving automotive technology help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Innovation is a key element of the company’s success. Bosch spends around 3.8 billion euros on research and development. More than 34,000 employees work on new and improved product and production technologies. In 2010 the company filed around 3,800 patents worldwide. In order to maintain the high pace of innovation in the future, a research and advanced development centre is being built in the vicinity of Stuttgart. It aims to concentrate key technical competencies under the one roof and thus strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation.

Bosch spent around 200 million euros on the training of its employees in 2010. The personal development of technical and management staff is aimed at meeting global requirements. Worldwide around 6,000 young people receive a high standard of training at Bosch, around 4,400 of them in Germany.

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