Pilz – safety ambassador on every continent

As a one-stop shop for control and safety technology, the Pilz company, whose name is synonymous all over the world for the safety of man, machine and the environment, offers turnkey automated solutions for all industries.

Innovation has always been the company’s key to success. Founded in Esslingen in 1948 as a glass-blowing workshop, in the 1960s the company developed into a supplier of electronic control and monitoring equipment and PLCs. Today, aside from the headquarters in Ostfildern, 26 subsidiaries and branch offices around the globe provide sales and engineering services directly, at local level.

The product range includes sensors, electronic monitoring equipment and safety switches, programmable controllers, industrial communication systems, automation solutions with motion control and operator terminals.

Pilz system solutions are used in all sectors of machinery and plant engineering and in the automotive, food and woodworking industries. The technology leader’s products ensure that airport luggage conveyors run safely, theatre sets move smoothly and cable cars or roller coasters operate safely.

Based on its extensive know-how, the company offers customers a comprehensive service package, for as the Pilz credo goes, there’s more to safety than the product. Pilz provides a full, competent service with safety consulting and engineering.

Safety for man, machine and the environment – this guiding principle is one which the company pursues not only in respect of its products and solutions, but in all its dealings. Environmental protection is a permanent element of the corporate mission: from the ecological design of buildings to environmentally friendly operations.

The Pilz brand is currently one of Germany’s leading brands with an entry in “Deutsche Standards – Marken des Jahrhunderts”, a publication listing top German brands.

pilz technologiezentrum ostfildern

Peter Pilz Technology Centre at Ostfildern

pilz not aus schalter klein

The little Pilz push button – symbol of safety

pilz technologiezentrum ostfildern 2 klein

pilz schutz und messsysteme klein

Camera-based safety and measuring systems

pilz berechnungssoftware klein

Pilz calculation software



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