KDRS/RZRS – modern IT excellence for the public sector

The Unternehmensverbund Kommunale Datenverarbeitung Region Stuttgart (KDRS) and Rechenzentrum Region Stuttgart GmbH (RZRS) serve all municipal administrations around the state capital – covering practically all their IT needs. This has allowed public administration in this region to develop into one of the most modern, efficient and citizenfriendly service providers in Germany.

Mountains of files and sleeve protectors belong to the past as far as administrations today are concerned. Supported by modern technologies and work processes, local authorities can today offer citizens a much improved service: the Internet has eliminated the need for many trips to diverse authorities, and should this still be necessary, support is provided without the red tape. This is all made possible by an efficient, integrated IT system.

The KDRS/RZRS offering encompasses all areas of the local government IT world: registering a new address or car, collecting birth certificates, registering a business, applying for housing benefit or the new digital ID card – in the majority of cases the technologies and know-how of the Stuttgart IT specialists are behind it. They are not only well-acquainted with bits and bytes but also the maze of administrative law. Customer satisfaction could not be more evident: in Greater Stuttgart KDRS/RZRS has a market share of nigh on 100 per cent. It serves 189 local administrations with a total of around three million inhabitants in the Stuttgart region alone. The Stuttgart company’s IT solutions and services are sought well beyond the region and state boundaries – which is why RZRS already manages IT systems for local administrations with a total of six million inhabitants.

KDRS/RZRS was founded in 1971 – in 2011 the service provider celebrates its 40th anniversary. In the fast-moving IT world that is quite a formidable age. Hardly any companies founded in the pioneering days of IT are left on the market. This proves how well KDRS/RZRS has adapted itself to the needs of its customers. The service provider has lots of plans for the future: thanks to its outstanding innovative power and efficiency, KDRS/RZRS is set to continue its dynamic growth in the data-processing market in the public-sector environment.

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rzrs_wondrak kl

Frank Wondrak, Chairman of the KDRS/RZRS management board

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KDRS/RZRS headquarters in Stuttgart

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