Worldwide export of products from the region

Stuttgart is the strongest export metropolis in Germany. Its international export capability is impressively demonstrated by an export quotient of 51 per cent, primarily in the vehicle and mechanical engineering sector, as well as the electrical and electronics industry. Mercedes, Porsche, Bosch, Stihl and Kaercher are companies whose products can be found in every country around the globe.
The Stuttgart region maintains a European office in Brussels and an international office in the USA to promote the metropolis as a business location and underscore its capabilities in future technologies.

global_smart kl

The mobility programme car2go of Daimler AG becomes an export hit: Start in the Canadian city of Vancouver in April 2011

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The worldwide leading producer of power saws and power tools for professional forestry and agriculture work, gardening and landscape conservation, and the construction industry is STIHL. Since 1971 STIHL has been the most frequently sold brand of power saw in the world

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Final assembly in the dry room at European Batteries Oy, Finland. The M+W Group of Stuttgart carried out the planning and construction of the lithium-ion battery factory.

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Painting robots from Duerr are used all over the world

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A Mercedes CLS 218 was staged in the light show of the opening fireworks at the Expo Shanghai. René Staud and his Team Automobile have been staging such shows for over 25 years, setting worldwide standards.

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A training centre in Bangalore, India operated by Bosch GmbH

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Innovative glass architecture in the mountains: The bird protection glass Ornilux by Arnold Glas in Remshalden is a unique, scientifically tested protective glass, for it is the only glass in the world provided with a special UV-optic coating visible to birds.


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