Blutsgeschwister – a fashion brand of Stuttgart

Blutsgeschwister GmbH (LLC) was founded in 2001 in a small studio in an abandoned office building at the Stuttgarter Nordbahnhof (train station Stuttgart North) and has been breathing fresh air into the market with unique designs which always show dedication to detail and are wonderfully and consistently charming in their realization. By now the Blutsgeschwister family employs more than 70 staff members. The collections are being sold to an ever growing number of partners all over Europe. In addition to seven flagship stores in Germany, the collection is available online.

Since the company’s founding, the Blutsgeschwister headquarters have been located in Stuttgart, where CEO Stephan Künz oversees distribution, marketing, logistics and purchasing. The designs of the self-proclaimed “Dolce Vita Soulwear” come from the creative department headed by designer and founder Karin Ziegler in Berlin.

Blutsgeschwister GmbH can now look back on 10 years of success derived from fashion with high brand recognition, investing in customer service and logistics, improving communication and above all the unconditional love for our products.

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