Gottlieb Daimler – the man who moved the world

Experience culture and pleasure in picturesque towns and historical locations before the gates of the state capital Stuttgart.
In the narrow alleys of Schorndorf and Bad Cannstatt, learn things guaranteed to be new to you about an inventor who achieved worldwide acclaim and renown. The Kultissima “StadtVerFuehrungen” tours offer costumed personalities from the 19th century who make history come alive for you: Daimler’s wife Emma Pauline and the quarrelsome neighbour, the washerwoman Marie, or Paul, Daimler’s oldest son, and Berta Maybach all entertain you with tales from their lives with the maverick and visionary Gottlieb Daimler.

Emma Pauline Daimler:

“A good man, my Gottlieb.
He works a lot, but he is also sociable and friendly.
His research drive, his inventive spirit, his purposefulness – these are all things
that bind me to him. I like being with him.
I was brought up in an apothecary household in Maulbronn.
I know how to run a household and I also know how a woman should be there
for her husband.
My Gottlieb likes to eat, and I cook for him and our guests. Maybach, for 
instance, who married my friend Berta.
To make sure I don’t forget any of my recipes, I’ve put together a cookbook
with a directory, the same way I used to do with formulations in the apothecary.
Shall I share one of my recipes with you?”

Rump steak with roasted onions and homemade spaetzle noodles

4–6 slices of 180–200 g well-aged rump steak, salt and pepper, 2 sliced onions

Lightly pound the rump steaks on both sides, and sear both sides in hot oil; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place on a warmed platter. Fry the onion slices in the pan until soft and brown, and deglaze the pan to make a good natural gravy, and pour over the meat.

300 g flour, 4 eggs, 2 egg yolks, pinch of salt, 1 tablespoon oil, some bread crumbs, flakes of butter

Stir the eggs, salt and oil briskly and let stand for 10 minutes (the egg yolk will gain in colour intensity); then add the flour and beat into an airy dough. Scrape the dough across a spaetzle board into a large amount of boiling water, quench in cold water, and let the noodles dry.

Fry the noodles briefly in a pan with ­butter and sprinkle with bread crumbs.

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Kultissima City special local guided tour in Schorndorf


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