Exceptional cultural delights

A significant component of Stuttgart’s cultural life is the Stuttgart State Theatre, which offers theatre, opera and ballet at the highest level and is the largest three-section theatre in Germany. It was chosen as Opera House of the Year five times in a row. The Stuttgart State Opera Chorus has been distinguished seven times as the best opera chorus in Germany.

The Young Opera as a part of the Stuttgart State Opera annually produces opera for a young public. The goal is to promote the creativity and cultural education of children and young people and to lead them playfully towards music theatre. Culturally, Stuttgart has considerably more to offer. The theatre stages of Stuttgart, including the “Old Theatre House” venue as well as the “Comedy in the Marquardt”, are among the top five German-language theatres with respect to attendance figures. Apart from performing classical pieces from the literary canon, the “Old Theatre House“ programme also includes contemporary theatre and musical productions. The “Comedy in the Marquardt” presents the entire range of comical stage entertainment.

Cabaret is offered in the Renitenz Theatre. The events are essentially guest performances of cabaret artists, comedians and chanson singers. A satirical play is produced annually.

In the north of the state capital is the Theaterhaus Stuttgart. Approximately 900 events take place every year in the protected landmark building of a former glass factory. With over 300,000 visitors a year, this venue is the best-visited theatre of its type in Germany. Apart from putting on its own dance and theatre performances, there are also guest performances of comedy, cabaret, pop and rock music, readings, jazz, classical and new music.

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“Danton’s Death” at the Stuttgart Theatre

engel kl

Calixto Bieito’s interpretation of Richard Wagner’s “Parsifal”

kampf kl

THE RAGE OF LIFE A commissioned work of the Young Opera in co-production with De Vlaamse Opera Antwerp and Ghent


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