DIDYMOS – sustainably produced baby slings in 100 percent natural fibres

The idea for this business originated from a young mother’s quest for a solution for carrying her own twins. An article in a major glossy magazine in 1972 made the young mother and her innovative baby slings famous all over Germany: Didymos, meaning “twins” in Greek.

The initial idea has now become a ­family-run business which today employs 16 women in Ludwigsburg: as European market leader, Didymos Erika ­Hoffmann ­GmbH supplies baby carriers all over the world.

The extensive Didymos range includes baby slings in a wide selection of patterns, sizes and material mixes. They are exported all over the world, with orders even being taken from Latin America where the baby sling originated. Although sales are mainly conducted via the Internet, personal advice over the phone is still popular.

Quality is focused on in particular. Slings are shaped like parallelograms and must be elastic on the diagonal and stable on the cross. At DIDYMOS great importance is attached to the weaving technique and choice of yarns. ­Details like double seams characterise a high quality baby sling. The range has now been extended to include the DidyTai, a readymade sling.

Only cotton from controlled ecological cultivation is used, the pure wool comes from ecologically raised livestock. The materials are produced in spinning mills, dyeworks and weavers in Southern ­Germany and neighbouring European countries. The entire manufacturing process is conducted according to European ecological and social compatibility standards. ­Didymos’ commitment has meanwhile won it the Environmental Prize awarded by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The carrying method used here is also recommended by many paediatricians and orthopaedists. Orthopaedists consider the flexible, adjustable straddled sitting position when the sling is worn on the hip, as advantageous for the maturation of the hip joint, while psychologists emphasize the value of the intimate mother-child bond.

This simple idea has thus brought forth practical products with far-reaching ­benefits.

didymos wellen granat quer

didymos familie

Company founder Erika Hoffmann with her daughters Anna and Tina Hoffmann

didymos 1972

1972 Erika Hoffmann with twin daughter Lisa



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