Events for every taste

The people in the Stuttgart region enjoy celebrating festivals. This is demonstrated by an event calendar that runs through the entire year. Millions of enthusiastic visitors come to the Stuttgart Beer Festival (Cannstatter Volksfest) every autumn, one of the largest and most impressive public festivals in the world. It dates back to 1818, the year when King Wilhelm I initiated a harvest festival after years of famine.
Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts also regularly meet every year at the popular Stuttgart Wine Village, one of the largest and most beautiful wine festivals in Germany. Here one can taste and enjoy over 600 wines from Baden-Wuerttemberg. Excellent cuisine and the beat of hot rhythms invite visitors to the elegant Summer Festival in Stuttgart’s Palace Gardens. This colourful festival lit up by fairy-like lamps is an exuberant celebration during mild summer nights.
The Advent time before Christmas marks a special season celebrated by almost 300 charming Christmas markets in and around the state capital. Some of the largest, most beautiful and oldest are located directly in the centre of Stuttgart around the Old Castle, on the Schiller Square and the Market Square. Ludwigsburg offers a Baroque Christmas market in the arcades of its beautiful old Market Square. Nearby Esslingen is famous for its medieval Christmas market, where visitors are entertained by street musicians and actors appearing in period clothing and speaking in old-fashioned dialect.
Sports are also a major attraction in the area. The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix draws top female stars in the tennis world. And the international horse show, the Stuttgart German Masters, offers world-class equestrian sport.

Musical treats for almost every taste abound, including the Porsche Music Night or the annual Jazz Open. There are long party nights in various clubs, bars and lounges in downtown Stuttgart. Idyllic nights can be enjoyed in the local pub district around the “Lucky Hans” fountain.

Special venues steeped in historical tradition are popular for individual events, such as the Stuttgarter Marmorsaal (“Marble Hall”‚) with its unique architecture and private charm. Or one can celebrate in the Roman fort in Bad Cannstatt, an ancient fortified building complex that dates back to the Roman Emperor Trajan.


The Fruit Pillar: landmark and popular meeting place at the Stuttgart Beer Festival

feste_eckensee kl

The summer festival in the Palace Gardens

feste_weind kl

Wine Village

feste_csd kl

Christopher Street Day

feste_lichter kl

Festival of Lights at Killesberg Park

feste_weihnmarkt kl

Baroque Christmas market in Ludwigsburg

feste_konzert kl

Jazz Open


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