Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Seen from afar, the cuboid building of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, nestling in the heart of the city, has been a magnet for a wider public since 2005. The splendid new building is particularly impressive at night when the glass shroud is brilliantly illuminated and reveals the stone core inside the building. The true stature of the museum, however, only becomes apparent on entering the collections: a disused tunnel system allowed architects Hasher and Jehle to extend the exhibition space discreetly and ingeniously to a total of 5,000 s. qm. The Kunstmuseum ­Stuttgart, which is designed for access by persons with restricted mobility, offers visitors of all ages a varied programme of three to four large exhibitions every year, an exhibition series for young art and a recently initiated collectors series. Aside from the special exhibitions, the highlights of the municipal art collection, originally donated by Prince Silvio della Valle di Casanova in 1924, are on show. Today, the Stuttgart collection consists of over 15,000 works of the classic modernists and modern art and is world-famous for its significant body of works by the artist Otto Dix. His “Big City” triptych dating from 1927/28 or “The Portrait of the Dancer Anita ­Berber” rank as masterpieces of the 20th century. Major works of artists like Adolf Hölzel, Willi Baumeister, Walter Stöhrer, Dieter Roth and Fritz Winter make a visit to the museum a memorable experience. Fascinating events, a varied educational offering for children and adults and an award-winning restaurant attract visitors to coming again to the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.

kunstmuseum hauptbild gr

kunst_dix kl

Otto Dix,“Portrait of Actor Heinrich George”

kunst_baumeister kl

Willi Baumeister, “Montaru”



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