Meilenwerk Region Stuttgart

MEILENWERK Region Stuttgart attracts specialists, geeks, aesthetes and people with a nostalgic hankering under the one roof. In MEILENWERK, antique and exotic­ ­cars can be bought and sold from professional suppliers, restored, serviced and showcased.

Service providers and retailers also offer everything that is possibly required for or enhances the world’s rustiest hobby. The restaurant and event areas are hubs for shop talk between tenants, customers and visitors. Covering 25,000 sq. m. and housing over 250 vehicles, MEILENWERK Region Stuttgart is the top address for antique and collectors’ cars in Baden-Wuerttemberg and beyond, thanks to its combination of high-calibre services, a versatile mix of tenants and stylish surroundings. Primarily, though, it is a world of experience with a deep emotional pull for lovers of fascinating automobiles, reflecting a lifestyle that is communicated far beyond the building itself for ­example racing tracks, antique car rallies and relevant events.

Encouraged by the huge success, the ­Activ Group, developer of MEILENWERK­ Region Stuttgart developers are exten­ding the site by a new building to be completed in mid-2012. It will house the Ferrari and Maserati marques and also a Harley Davidson agent, not to mention an American diner. The site will then cover an expanse of more than 30,000 sq. m.,­with a concentration of cult luxury marques that is unique in its kind in Europe.

MEILENWERK Region Stuttgart is open daily, admission free. In the select atmosphere of the listed building, visitors can admire the unparalleled variety of ­vehicles from all ages and of all imaginable­ marques. The varied restaurant and lifestyle product offerings round off the visitor experience.

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meilenw_hotelzimmer kl

Unusual theme rooms in the ****V8-Hotel

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Conferences and events

meilenw_werkstatt kl

Specialised workshops

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Retailers and service providers

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