Exciting insights into the histories of art, culture, and nature

There is lots to see in and around Stuttgart, with the added attraction of a wide variety of museums and exhibitions. Art of international calibre awaits interested visitors in the Staatsgalerie and Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. The Wuerttemberg State Museum in the Old Castle and the Linden-Museum offer some of Europe’s most significant fine art and ethnological treasures. Founded in 1862 by King Wilhelm I, the State Museum brings regional history to life in a fascinating manner. A special part of the ensemble is the Young Castle. This children’s museum allows children and families to explore regional history themes in an entertaining manner. The Linden-Museum regards itself as a forum of cultures. Visitors gain multi-faceted insights into the art and art history, and also the everyday culture of non-European peoples by, for instance, taking a short trip to the Orient as they walk along the exact reconstruction of an Afghan street bazaar. The State Museum of Natural History documents the development of flora and fauna from the prehistoric age onwards. The collections are spread over two buildings in Rosenstein Park: the Schloss Rosenstein Museum and the Museum am Löwentor. Exhibits include the oldest dinosaur remains to be found in Europe, the world’s oldest tortoise and uniquely preserved marine saurians from the Swabian Alps. The Haus der Geschichte Baden-Wuerttemberg is unique in the state. It provides a lively portrait of the past two centuries of regional history. A wide museum educational offering also allows young visitors to experience history at first hand.

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Haus der Geschichte

museen kindermuseum eiszeitjaeger

The Wuerttemberg State Museum, Stuttgart: Young Castle. The children’s museum in Stuttgart: Exhibition “Mysterious chamber – treasure hunting at the Young Castle”, hands-on area with “ice-age hunters”

museen tibetaltar

Tibetan altar in the Linden-Museum

museen loewenkoepfchen niederstotzingen

Wuerttemberg State Museum, Stuttgart; small lion’s head in mammoth ivory, from the Vogelherd Cave, Stetten ob Lontal, one of mankind’s oldest artefacts, around 35,000 years old


Liliensternus in the Natural History Museum am Loewentor

museen bwm

The world’s largest swine museum at the Stuttgart slaughterhouse


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