Living and enjoyment in the Stuttgart region

People who live in the state capital and the surrounding districts are satisfied with their quality of life. According to a study, ninety per cent of all German citizens who know Stuttgart appraise the quality of life in the region as very good or good. There are diverse offerings for every need and taste, whether cultural or leisure time. There is an almost Mediterranean flair – Stuttgart is among the sunniest cities in Germany – in the appealing cityscape between hills and vineyards. Forests and parks from the town centre up to the higher elevations offer various sporting activities and relaxation.
On exploration tours through the “Stuttgart basin” away from the great shopping streets, the visitor experiences the many facets of the city with its designer workshops, wine taverns, lifestyle shops, galleries, clubs and small fashion boutiques.

Outstanding cultural institutions and international festivals make the region one of the most important cultural metropolitan centres in Germany. Unique also is the museum density, with over 100 diverse institutions. Companionable social gatherings and shared celebrations are popular. Apart from countless local festivities, there are attractions such as the Stuttgart Beer Festival on the Cannstatter Wasen, the Stuttgart Summer Festival, the Wine ­Village and the Christmas Fair in the city centre, well known far beyond the regional borders.
Gourmets visiting the region are also well-satisfied. The restaurants here can boast a good dozen Michelin stars between them. And for those who know how to recognise a noble glass of wine when they taste one, a number of the best wine growers in Germany come from the region.
People here are also easy-going, aware of the fact that the state capital is one of the safest metropolitan areas in Europe. Stuttgart has already been distinguished as the “safest metropolis in Europe” by the German press agency dpa three times in a row.

das wilhelma theater

The Wilhelma Theatre is the oldest theatre in Stuttgart

wilhelma parkanlage gross

The Wilhelma is a zoological-botanical garden in a landmark-protected park of the 19th century

biker rad wanderwege klein

Bicycle tours on one of the many bicycle and hiking paths around Stuttgart

feuersee 4jahreszeiten klein

The four seasons at Feuersee lake in West Stuttgart

bohnenviertel im stuttgarter kessel klein

The Bohnenviertel in the middle of the “Stuttgart basin”


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