Spa experience, relaxation and fun

When the subject of spas comes up, the spa at Bad Cannstatt is often mentioned. The Ancient Romans already enjoyed the city’s wet wealth, and in the Middle Ages, too, a relaxing spa visit was not to be missed. Stuttgart possesses the greatest mineral water resources in Western Europe. Nineteen springs, 13 of which are officially recognised mineral springs, deliver over 22 million litres of mineral and, in some cases, carbonated water daily.
The area around the state capital also offers lots of health resorts and spas with a wide range of treatments. Excellent facilities are thus available for water-based health, spa, relaxation and entertainment. In the Merkel’sche swimming pool in Esslingen, bathers are enchanted by a genuine Art Nouveau-style ambience, while a mineral thermal spring with water at a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius invites you to simply relax and enjoy.
Beuren even offers two thermal springs, the first bathing-rooms being opened as far back as 1526. Today, a world of caverns and grottoes, a salt grotto and sauna cave serve as a magnet for visitors.
Leisure pools like the Aquatoll Neckarsulm put on light shows in the evenings, late-night aqua events and parties.
The badkap in Albstadt is a crowd-puller with a wave pool, white-water river and the 86-metre Black Hole slide. And, in the SchwabenQuellen on the Filder Plateau, visitors can pamper themselves on a spa world trip around various countries and cultural themes. It is easy to forget every­day cares in its 16 saunas and steam rooms.
In summer, sun worshippers are drawn to the many outdoor pools in and around Stuttgart with attractions like vast sun greens, gigantic slides or sport pools for more ambitious swimmers. Anyone preferring nature in its purest form can head for one of the several popular lakes in the region.

mineral thermalhalle merkelsches gr

Mineral and thermal spa hall in Merkel’sche Bad

das leuze kinderland kl

DAS LEUZE spa, children’s world, Baederbetriebe Stuttgart

das leuze aussenbereich kl

DAS LEUZE spa, outside section, Baederbetriebe Stuttga

mineralbad berg aussenbereich kl

MineralBad Berg spa, Baederbetriebe Stuttgart

thermalbad in beuren kl

Spa in Beuren

mineralbad cannstatt dampfraum kl

Spa Cannstatt steam room, Baederbetriebe Stuttgart


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