Gambling and great entertainment

Founded in 1996, the Stuttgart casino is the only one of its kind in Germany within an entertainment area – the SI Centre in Moehringen, famous for its musicals. Aside from Classic Games like Roulette, Black Jack and Poker or the one-arm ­bandits, top entertainment is also billed. Live music on Fridays and Saturdays, theme events like card parties, Italian or Cuban evenings, culinary highlights like Lucky or ­Casino gourmet menus guarantee evening enjoyment.

The word casino conjures up images of the world’s rich and beautiful, glitz and glamour, one-arm bandits in Las Vegas. The Stuttgart casino however has more to offer than gambling and entertainment.

Anyone wishing to try their luck in the state-funded casino also makes a contribution to the common good. This is because according to the German Gaming ­Ordinance, state casinos must pay a contribution to the state budget from their gross gambling profit, the difference between bets placed and wins in the Classic ­Games and one-arm bandits. The majority of these funds are used for state spas, to promote tourism and state-protected cultural monuments in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Last year the figure amounted to a not ­inconsiderable sum of 34.2 million euros.

A two-star chef as host in a casino – this is also unique in Germany, and only to be found at the Stuttgart casino. Martin ­Oexle, a highly commended chef of long standing, and former head of the “Speisemeisterei” (gourmet eatery) in Stuttgart-Hohenheim, serves high-quality bistro fare in the restaurant area of the casino. The menu includes ­exotic sandwiches, delicious finger food and also full-course meals – Oexle’s expertise ensures highly satisfied guests even if their luck was out at the nearby Roulette, Black Jack, Poker or Baccara tables.

Another unique feature is the combination of casino, lounge and bar in the “GRACE” club: a party atmosphere and gambling fun mingle here in a vibrant concoction. From Thursday to Saturday (9 pm – 3 am) you can bluff your way in style at two Poker tables, accompanied by a drink, good conversation and background music; lovers of Black Jack are also well catered for.

And those who prefer to make the ball roll can do so in “GRACE” from the touchscreen Roulette table – which, incidentally, is also unique in the country.