As a housing company of the state capital of Stuttgart, the ­Stuttgarter ­Wohnungs- und Städtebaugesellschaft mbH (SWSG) contributes in many respects to the positive climate in the city. Reasonably priced, attractive housing ensures that both tenants and buyers are well satisfied.

SWSG creates a positive climate

To enhance the environment outside the home as well, one of SWSG’s key corporate goals is the careful management of resources. For some years now, SWSG has consistently aimed at staying well below the strict statutory levels. In recent years, SWSG has spent around 230 million euros on optimising the energy balance of around 2,600 of its 18,000 housing units – be it through modernisation or new building measures. This measure saved around 75,000 tons of carbon dioxide (in the life cycle of the properties) in the old and new building sectors.

Wherever it is economically feasible, SWSG opts for regenerative concepts which have already proved their worth in practice. In the past five years, for instance, ­modernised or newly built homes have been equipped with solar-thermal-aided ­systems for ­generating the hot water supply.

SWSG’s modernisation strategy is currently focused primarily on large residential schemes like the island residential areas in Stuttgart-Wangen or Hallschlag. In doing so, it is also hoping to achieve synergy effects, for modern properties are beneficial both in terms of environmental protection and living conditions, which in turn ­benefits SWSG tenants.


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