Competence centres 
as a business magnet

Stuttgart Region’s Economic Development department (Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, WRS) aims to bundle the area’s innovative power to make best use of emergent synergies. Accordingly, research results will be transformed faster into marketable products. The underpinning cluster management concept is consistently focused on the principle of “by companies – for companies”.
Twelve regional competence and innovation centres link know-how holders from industry and science in theme-based networks. Currently, 500 companies, 60 scientific institutions and 13 communities are involved in the Stuttgart region competence networks.

WRS assists in the work of regional competence and innovation centres by initiating and funding future-focused cooperation ventures. The Economic Development department also provides support in organising events, PR work, accessing national and international funding schemes and setting up contacts to other networks within the Stuttgart region and beyond.
Competence centres are available in the Stuttgart region for practically all technology areas hallmarked for the future.

elefant_kompetenz gr

The Festo bionic handling assistant, a flexible robot arm for man-machine cooperation, won the German Future Prize 2010

kompetenz_foerderband kl

Developed by Bosch Packaging Technology, the intelligent transport system for flexible, careful product conveying is based on the principle of a magnetic levitation train

kompetenz_scheibe kl

Modelled on polar bear fur, a lightpermeable, flexible insulating material was developed at ITV Denkendorf

kompetenz_simulator kl

Driving simulator at the Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart (FKFS)

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