50 years of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) 
in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

The DLR is Germany’s national research centre for aeronautics and space. Its extensive research and development work into aeronautics, energy, transport, and defence and security is part of a national and international cooperation. In Stuttgart, the research centre employs around 570 people in five different research institutes.

In the DLR energy focus area, the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics makes important contributions to the fields of thermal and electrical energy storage systems and efficient, resource-saving energy conversion technologies, and analyses technologies in systemised analytical studies. The DLR scientists in the solar research area explore new solutions for solar-thermal power stations which use concentrated solar radiation as a heat source to drive turbines.

The DLR Institute of Combustion Technology researches combustion processes in gas turbines aimed at reducing pollutants, increasing the reliability of combustion and actively promoting the environmentally friendly use of new alternative fuels.

In the DLR traffic focus area, the Institute of Vehicle Concepts addresses electric mobility, researching alternative drive concepts and innovative lightweight construction solutions for road and rail vehicles.

The Institute of Technical Physics is devoted to selected fields in optics and photonics in relation to questions arising from aerospace and makes contributions to defence and safety research.

Based on fibre-reinforced composites and hybrid material combinations, the Institute of Structures and Design develops lightweight structures for applications in aerospace, vehicle construction and energy technology.

The work of the five institutes is supported on location by large-scale research -facilities such as a combustion chamber and roller test benches, and stations for material testing and laser research.

dlr_im_auto gr

On the air-conditioned four-wheel roller test stand in the DLR Institute of Vehicle Concepts. Marking the Automobile Summer 2011, DLR Stuttgart is holding a public Open Day on 16 July. The Open Day is also in celebration of the DLR Stuttgart-Vaihingen site’s 50th anniversary. For details of the Jubilee Year 2011 visit www.dlr.de/stuttgart2011

dlr_flugzeug kl

On-board power supply by means of fuel cell technology: test in the DLR research aircraft ATRA

dlr_raumfahrzeug kl

Spacecraft in preparation for 2011 launch: developed at DLR Stuttgart

dlr_grafik kl

Phase distortion and surface temperature of a laser disk

dlr_feuer kl

Designer fuels for aeronautics: research into synthetic alternatives to kerosene

dlr_briketts kl

New materials for energy storage accumulators being tested at DLR Stuttgart



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