Two brothers write swimming history

There are many sectors in Swabia, from the economy to culture and sports, which are examples of what can be accomplished if you clearly pursue your goals and visions.
An outstanding example are the Swabian brothers Steffen and Markus Deibler, who have pushed themselves into the world swimming elite within a very short time. Coached by the Stuttgart sports manager Hans-Ulrich Jetter, both brothers, who at the same time are also successful university students, have celebrated national and international successes.
Hard to believe that at a young age, one of the brothers had a deep repugnance of water and also promptly failed his first swimming lesson.
For the European short-track championship in Eindhofen in 2010, the brothers won seven gold medals (Steffen four and Markus three), after they had already won seven titles at the German short-track championships in the same year. The successes were crowned in 2010 at the short-track world championship in Dubai with a silver and a bronze medal.

Events involving all aspects of sports

Apart from great international events in the NeckarPark as well as the “Stuttgart German Masters” horse show or the “Porsche Tennis Grand Prix”, the largest general public sports event of the region is the “Stuttgarter Zeitung Run”. This race includes two days of festivities for the whole family and diverse running disciplines, from a mini-marathon up to the wheelchair half-marathon. The highly popular LBS half-marathon attracts 10,000 participants annually. Traditionally, it ends at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Cannstatt.

The “ADAC Supercross Stuttgart” provides suspense and first-class entertainment every year at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Hall in the NeckarPark. About 30 motocross pilots from Europe and overseas delight in a breathtaking show. More than 2,000 cbm of earth are brought into the hall from the Filder Plateau especially for that event.

Enjoy watching the German Open Championships (GOC) in dance sports in the major cultural and congress centre Liederhalle. More than 2,200 pairs of dancers from 46 nations compete annually at this event for amateur and professional sports dancers.

Stuttgart will host the Gymnastics World Championship in 2015. The best rhythmic sport gymnasts will assemble in the Porsche Arena to hold their tournaments. About 500 participants from 50 countries will come to Stuttgart to contend for the title.

sport_event_pferd gr

Stuttgart German Masters

sport_event_schwimmen kl

Steffen and Markus Deibler

sport_event_motorrad kl

ADAC Supercross Stuttgart

sport_event_sekt kl

MercedesCup at the TC Weissenhof


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