Stuttgart Exhibition Centre – hub of economic activity

The Stuttgart Exhibition Centre is an important hub for Baden-Wuerttemberg’s 
export-led economy. It offers 105,200 sqm of exhibition space. Over 30 trade fairs and exhibitions are held every year, with an additional 20 or so guest events and several congresses.

The Exhibition Centre’s commitment to sustainability is future-focused – the sparing use of resources and environmentally friendly conduct are key concerns. In all, 34,000 sqm of solar collectors generate 4.32 million kWh of electricity, thus saving 2,375 tons of CO2 annually.

The Exhibition Centre has an optimum transport infrastructure. It is located directly adjacent to the airport and motorway and can also be easily reached by train.

Stuttgart International Exhibition Centre – partner to the world

Stuttgart’s Exhibition Centre is undergoing a continuous process of internationalisation. The foreign quota of exhibitors lies at over 20 percent.

The Exhibition Centre is directly represented aboard with 44 offices, among others aimed at easing access to new markets for SME customers and to assist them in complying with national requirements. There are also offshoots of the Intervitis Interfructa in Vienna, Cape Town, Talca/Chile and Nashik/India, and of the R+T in Dubai and Shanghai.

Subsidiaries of the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre opened in China and Turkey in 2010. They organise exhibitions locally and also serve as a shuttle for Stuttgart.

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