Supplying sustainable energy with renewable energies

Communities and towns must do some rethinking when it comes to sustaining their energy supplies. The aim is to minimise consumption using sustainable energy and cover the remaining energy needs with locally sourced power.

Stuttgart has been managing the energy budget of its own properties for over 30 years already. In the private construction sector, an energy funding scheme is available, and an energy advice centre has been set up.

A 10-point programme was inaugurated in 2007 as the central element of the municipal climate and energy policy. It mainly addresses sustainable urban development, soil and water protection, the area of energy saving and efficiency and environmentally friendly transport development.

The Stuttgart region possesses a huge and varied research potential in the area of renewable energies. The University of Stuttgart even devotes a separate degree course to it. Drawing companies in this innovative sector of industry to the area is supported by the region’s economic development department through many activities and projects.

Triple Zero, for instance, a climate, energy and resource programme for the next few years, aims to develop buildings with no energy requirements, that generate no emissions and, as far as possible use no natural resources. A pilot project unique in the country is the Stuttgart Uhland School from the Fifties which is to be transformed within 2 years into an energy-plus school, i.e., it will generate more energy than it uses. The project is funded and its concept supervised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and a well-known business consortium.


erneuerbar_solarpark gr

Photovoltaic plant at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre

erneuerbar_muenster kl

The Stuttgart-Muenster plant enjoys a special status in the EnBW Power Park: it focuses on thermal waste processing and generating district heating

erneuerbar_ersteswindrad kl

Ulrich Huetter Monument at the Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) at the University of Stuttgart, wind power sector: a historical wind turbine dating from 1949

erneuerbar_offshore kl

Offshore wind farm in the German North Sea

erneuerbar_heiner kl

Gruener Heiner at Stuttgart-Weilimdorf


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