International trade in culinary delights

When the subject of business and trade comes up in connection with the Stuttgart region, many people automatically think of mobility in the classical sense, or of the Stuttgart stock exchange. But the region is also intensively involved in trade in the conventional sense as well. Fruit, vegetables, wine, chocolate, beer – all of these foods are produced and internationally traded here in large quantities, frequently by medium-sized family businesses. These business families all like to live in the Stuttgart region and pursue their business activities around the globe. They can pull all the necessary strings right from here.

One of the largest producers of chocolate Advent calendars worldwide, “Ruebezahl“ is headquartered near the state capital. They produce some 100 million chocolate Easter bunnies and Santa Claus figures every year. The company owns such brands as Sun Rice, Friedel and Gubor.

Of course Wuerttemberg is also traditionally renowned for its cultivation of good wines. Nowadays there is also a new generation of wine growers, open to experimentation, who have won high regard far beyond state borders – pioneers and inventors when it comes to wine. The group “Junges Schwaben” (Young Swabians) was selected as Europe’s new generation of wine growers in 2010.
Mack & Schuehle – one of the largest, ­bestperforming wine importers and distributors in Central Europe and with its headquarters in the Stuttgart region – is most likely not a familiar name to many. Founded as a wine store in 1939, today the company offers leading producer brands at all price levels and quantities from all over the world.

Cultivating vegetables and fruit oneself, or working closely with selected farm producers frequently gives a head start in safety, quality, and reliability. The “Gemuese­ring Stuttgart” (Vegetable Ring Stuttgart), founded in 1991 as a sales organisation for fruit and vegetables, takes advantage of this distinction. Offerings from regional producers are sold throughout Germany via a large sales network.

GAZi is deeply rooted in the Stuttgart region, yet globally active with its Mediterranean and international specialities. It is the main brand of the Stuttgart trading firm Garmo AG, which exports to over 36 different countries.

Restaurants, food merchants and private connoisseurs of cooking who place high value on top quality and freshness can find everything their heart desires in ”FrischeParadies”. Germany´s largest specialities for fine foods offers a range of over 5,000 articles.

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Thanks to the popularity of international specialities, the GAZi brand now leads the European market in ethnic diary products

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One of the largest wine distributors in Central Europe: Mack & Schuehle in Owen (Teck)


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