Mack & Schühle AG – living wine culture

Founded in 1939 as a wine merchant, Mack & Schühle AG is today the best performing wine service enterprise in Central Europe. The service comprises a complex spectrum which begins with the production, logistics and goods purchasing and extends to include a competent marketing concept oriented to a successful implementation at the point of sale. The distribution is focused on the foodstuff retail trade and specialised dealers/wholesale business marketing channels, and comprises the quality-oriented marketing of leading international producer markets, private labels and their own concepts at all pricing levels.

For the successful implementation of core competencies, Mack & Schühle AG works with its own quality management of ­seven oenologists, a professional key account management and their own field organisation team of 40 motivated salesmen. The proactive company philosophy is also illustrated by the fact that Mack & Schühle is the first wine company in Europe ­certified as an IFS Broker.

Mack & Schühle AG has long since ceased to be just a ­simple trading concern. A multitude of international partnerships and participations have created a worldwide network. Decades of old business contacts emphasize fair, clear and transparent dealings with each other and are a prerequisite for long-term ­successful dealings with a product that is limited and dependent on nature.

In connection with the long affiliation of many employees and the additional expansion of a qualified personnel base, Mack & Schühle sees its sustainable responsibility to its home base, Owen (Teck). The wine dealership Vinoteck, newly opened in 2011, welcomes wine connaisseurs to private wine shopping (

As an internationally oriented trading concern, Mack & Schühle AG works intensively together with its partners on the continual expansion of its economic and ecological responsibility to sustainability. The company focuses on optimised logistical paths and the most modern means of transport, as well as on the promotion of ecologically friendly grape cultivation up to organic cultivation in connection with the latest in wine cellar technology Mack & Schühle AG has also become one of the most successful merchandisers of wines from organic cultivation.

The trust in long-term partnerships and the rapid adaptation to the changes in the market were and are a continuous engine – as is their professional team, who pursue their daily work with great responsibility and positive energy.

mack schuehle bibliothek

Library at Mack & Schühle AG

mack schuhle weinberg suedafrika

Vineyard impressions from South Africa

mack schuhle herr mack

Christoph Mack, Chairman of the Board

mack schuehle vinothek

Vinoteck in Owen (Teck)

mack schuhle bodega

Bodega at Mack & Schühle AG

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