A heating service provider in changing times – from billing company to modern utility provider

Metered billing of heating and hot water costs has been the most well-known and, since the 1950s, also the most important utility service in Germany. ­Metered billing is typically conducted by professional metering service providers like the Minol-Zenner Group, which currently serves over nine million metering points nationwide and issues the annual energy bill for 1.4 million households.

Today the global player and family-run company offers a wide range of services. Although focusing on billing, energy and water saving, nowadays services go far beyond merely billing heating and water costs for the private and commercial ­sector. These extensive additional real estate services increasingly focus on optimising processes and minimising costs for the real estate industry.

Minol uses wireless technology developed in-house to both read out consumption data from outside the apartment and to permanently monitor and analyse consumption processes. Increasing energy efficiency in apartments and commercial units is thus very easy. Aside from heat and hot water meters, Smart Metering, gas and other types of meter can be incorporated into the data transmission network so that all consumption data for a property is immediately accessible for analysis and evaluation.

Since energy has become one of the most important cost factors, as a future-focused utility provider the group also offers its customers the appropriate analysis and administration tools. The real estate industry can thus quickly gain an overview of consumption and cost ­developments for all their properties, immediately initiate effective administrative decision processes and take prompt appropriate steps to optimise consumption and minimise costs.

The Minol service portfolio was extended in 2010 to include the nationwide ­supply of energy. The newly founded trading company Minol Energie GmbH & Co. KG provides customised energy supply concepts for the real estate industry. So the company has come full circle. From personal energy advice, nationwide energy supplying, reading and maintaining self-manufactured meters to the billing and providing of appropriate analysis tools, Minol offers all aspects of efficient real estate administration. Last but not least, together with its partners, Minol supports the housing industry with suitable contracting models for conversion to energy-saving techniques.

The company with its headquarters in Leinfelden-­Echterdingen not only ranks as one of Germany‘s leading companies in the industry. Today, together with partners and its own branch offices, the ­Minol-Zenner Group is represented in over 60 countries on every continent. Just over 2,000 employees worldwide work in the production and sale of meters and compiling of energy bills.


minol_haus gr

The Minol headquarters in Leinfelden-Echterdingen

minol_4menschen kl

The management board: (left to right) Ralf Görner, Marcus Lehmann, Alexander Lehmann, Werner Lehmann

minol_gas kl

Tailored energy supply concepts help minimise costs for the real estate industry

minol_grafik_laptop kl

Minol online services for efficient real estate management

minol_zettel kl

Consumption and needs-based energy certificates create transparency with regard to energy consumption



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