You’re investing – BF.direkt provides the solutions

Business sectors

  • Real estate finance
  • Structured finance
  • Financial debt advisory
BF.direkt is specialised in structuring and setting up financing packages. The company assists decision-makers on the investor and company sides in implementing complex financing ventures and analyses existing capital structures with a view to optimising potentials.

Due to the increasing shortage of loan resources and rising demands made by borrowers in terms of quality (e.g. cove­nants), sourcing, suitable financial backers and tools is becoming increasingly challenging for investors.

BF.direkt has an interdisciplinary team of advisors at its disposal with long-standing expertise in structuring complex ­financing processes.

As an independent advisor BF.direkt provides investors and SMEs with independent advice in the development of suitablefinancial strategies and assists them with pending investments, restructuring, prolongation or loan conversion.

At the same time, banks are relieved of the task of preparing information in connection with monitoring financial figures relevant to loans. And both lender and borrower are provided with support in adhering to and controlling financial relations during the loan period.

BF.direkt thus acts as a mediator who ­optimises transactions and financial ­processes.

Our expertise
  • An experienced team of advisors who structure and provide support
    during complex financing processes in real estate investments
  • Process support by specialists
  • from an early stage
  • One-stop coordination and documentation
  • Reliable, transparent information flow
  • Long-standing, sound market expertise
  • Highly qualified network of financing partners

Your benefits

  • Supporting and easing the burden of management
  • Reducing transaction costs in the selection of financing partners
  • Stepping up process speed
  • Appreciable simplification (improved transparency)
  • Improved financial security in decision-making
  • Prompt identification of financial risks (transaction risk profile)
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Francesco Fedele CEO Structured finance

Ralph Lück Chairman Financial debt advisory

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