Deutsche Bank – passion to perform

Top performance, innovation, diversity, trust and partnership – these are the values on which Deutsche Bank is founded. As a European financial service provider with global aspirations, the most advantageous solution is always sought for every customer, the focus of all our activities. Our remit is to fulfil customers’ goals and wishes, accepting no compromises in the process.

Deutsche Bank was founded in Berlin in 1870 to promote the internationalisation of the Germany economy and develop trade relations between Germany, other European countries and overseas markets. Today it is a symbol of the successful globalisation of a German company.

Over 80,000 employees in 72 countries provide extensive services covering asset ­investment, classical banking transactions, capital market business, loans and transaction services.

In everyday business, for strategic assignments and in facing new challenges, ­Deutsche Bank provides customers with a comprehensive range of consultancy and other services.

The aim is to always be a decisive step ahead with innovative concepts and future-focused solutions, thus creating competitive advantages for our clients. Deutsche Bank is committed to this endeavour worldwide. Deutsche Bank shares a passion with its customers for sustainable action, foresight and a flexible mindset that identifies opportunities and turns them into successes. It is no accident that customers with ambitious designs in particular put their trust in Deutsche Bank.