Mopeds and other small motorcycles

For many young people, especially in the 60s and 70s, Kreidler provided their first set of wheels. Names like “Florett” and “Flory” were guaranteed to bring a sparkle to many an eye.
Kreidler was founded in 1904 by Anton
Kreidler in Stuttgart. In 1924 his son 
Alfred took over the management and, in 1942, the company.

Motorcycles were first developed -under the Kreidler trademark in 1949, 
and Alfred Kreidler himself took part in the exhaustive tests. The first Kreidler in 1951 was an unthrottled 50 cc motorbike with an engine power of 2.2 hp. From 1957 onwards, many versions of the most famous model, the “Florett”, were sold.

The Kreidler mopeds were also very popular, in particular the “Flory”, which was produced in different versions.
The Kreidler small motorcycles and -mopeds were highly popular with young “tuners” as for these machines various so-called power-boosting “pimping kits” existed – whose use, of course, was strictly illegal.

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Kreidler Florett


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