Formula 1 on the Solitude Circuit

The tradition of the Solitude Race began in 1903 with an uphill race for motorcycles from Stuttgart Westbahnhof to Schloss Solitude. From 1922 onwards, races were also held for sports and racing cars.
In 1925 the uphill race was turned into a circuit in the vicinity of Schloss Solitude over a distance of 22 kilometres, across challenging hilly terrain.
The 11.4-kilometre Grand Prix Solitude Circuit south of the castle was used from 1935 to 1965 for motorcycle racing (also world championship races) and Formula 1 races 
(without world championship status). Special features included the 2.3-kilometre high-speed straight section and a three-kilometre serpentine of bends. 
In all, the circuit numbered 26 left-hand and 19 right-hand bends.
As organiser of the German Motorcycle Grand Prix, the ADAC (German Automobile Association) continuously extended the Solitude Circuit and from 1952 it received the German Grand Prize. Around 500,000 spectators flocked to the races in the 1950s. In 1954 the Solitude Rally was added, from 1961 in combination with the French Lyon-Charbonnières, thus becoming a top European fixture. In 1967 it was in the European Championship and was awarded the German Rally title several times.
The beginning of the 1960s heralded the advent of the Formula 1 race and all the stars of international car racing.
In 1965 international motor sport bade farewell to the Stuttgart Wildlife Park. At an anniversary event in 2003, vehicles and drivers from former races again took part, including several world champions. A rally memorial event was held in 2004 to mark the 50th anniversary.
In 2011 as part of the Solitude Revival, top racing cars will again be completing the entire circuit for the first time in 46 years.

start der formel 1 1964 gross

Start of the Formula 1 1964, No. 6 Jim Clark in the Lotus, No. 14 Graham Hill in the BRM

hubacher burkhalter bmw 1964 klein

Hubacher/Burkhalter on BMW 1964

siegerehrung sportwagen 1963 klein

Racing car victors´ ceremony 1963: On the left Mayor Arnulf Klett, in the centre winner Ben Pon, on the right Solitude Circuit director Erwin Illg

porsche f1 team klein

Porsche F1 Team. From left to right: Fritz-Huschke von Hanstein, Jo Bonnier, Ferry Porsche


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