Wind as energy source

Climate protection aims are also reflected in the development and installation of wind farms. Germany plays a leading role as technology provider, and taken together, German suppliers corner over a third of the world market. Baden-Wuerttemberg leads the way in this respect with more than 110 companies involved in the on- and offshore sector.
A number of companies with highly specialized expertise state’s forerunner position in the leading industry of the 21st century. The people in charge of what is currently the most innovative offshore project in the North Sea, the “Global Tech I”, a wind farm consisting of 80 turbines, are based in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Pioneer of wind power generation
Prof. Ulrich W. Hütter (1910–1991) was an outstanding scientist. He was an aircraft designer, wind power pioneer and also active in the bio-medical field. In these times of climate change and energy crises, his scientific research has become more acutely relevant than ever before. His dissertation, published in 1942 and entitled “Contribution to creating design principles for wind farms” in which he described his wind rotor theory, marked the beginning of modern wind power utilisation.
Already developed by Hütter in 1950, the “Allgaier-Hütter WE 10“ was sold all over the world. In doing so, he created the first successful generation of wind farms. For the first time ever, in 1957 he used fibreglass composite panels for rotor blades, and in doing so created the original model for all rotors in modern wind turbines.
Hütter thus laid the foundation stone for the rapid development of world-leading German wind technology.

offshore windkraftanlage

Offshore wind turbine in the German North Sea

huetter uni stuttgart

Prof. Dr. Ulrich W. Hütter at the Universität Stuttgart

erste offshore windkraftanlage 1958

The world’s first offshore wind farm, 1958


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