Every day without exception we handle objects that have been printed or decorated by tampon printing. Tampon printing revolutionised entire process chains and set the stage for a new era in product design.

Founded in 1956 as a one-man business, the “Wilfried ­Philipp Industriegravuren” engraving company rapidly grew to a workforce of 60 persons thanks to the invention of industrial tampon printing by the master engraver, Wilfried Philipp, and in 1968 the company moved into its first own premises. In 1970 a ­tampon print­ing machine was presented for the first time in the world at the Hanover Trade Fair. A groundbreaking sensation followed in the shape of the first patented tampon printing machine, the TS 100/1, which was presented at the K’71 in ­Duesseldorf. The order of 100 tampon printing machines by the Swiss watch industry heralded the beginning of engineering operations. Wilfried Philipp has filed over 160 patents in the course of his entrepreneurial career.

Over 200 qualified employees produce engineering quality made in Germany, based in the Stuttgart region.

With two subsidiaries in Spain and the USA and another factory in Westerheim, linked to a worldwide distribution network, today TAMPOPRINT® AG is a reputable supplier of high-performance fully automated solutions to large-scale industrial brand manufacturers.

The tampon printing process has since been continuously developedand now as then, TAMPOPRINT® leads the way in this industry.

tampoprint anlage

Headquarters, Korntal-Muenchingen


tampoprint wilfried philipp klein

Wilfried Philipp, inventor, owner, chairman of the board

tampoprint tampondruck druckform kl

Tampon printing with its printing form (tampon) made from special silicone adapts to suit: concave, convex, vaulted ...

tampoprint rotations tampon druck kl

Rotary tampon printing on bottle caps

automationen_tampondruck kl

References: an engineering solution for every product



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