Spoilt for choice

EINBLICK®, the compendium for the agency scene helps advertisers find the right partner for advertising and successful marketing aimed at their desired target group.

Corporate advertising positions brands, coins images, communicates leading edges and competitiveness. Sometimes, advertising budgets may equal the amount of investments in capital goods. This is rightly so and, indeed, must be so if companies are to operate successfully on the market.

But what about the agency that suits a company? You can of course invite three or four agencies to pitch for an account. But which ones? Precisely these three or four might be the wrong ones. By compiling EINBLICK® as a most valuable reference work, Mayr Verlag has taken upon itself the task of largely eliminating this uncertainty of selection. How big is the agency, how many employees does it have, who are its clients, what is the agency‘s philosophy, is it a local agency or incorporated in an international network? Or, of course, the crucial question of emphasis: fashion, industry, services, food, commerce? These and many more questions are answered by the industry guide EINBLICK® and ease the search for a suitable partner.

EINBLICK®, the major reference work for Baden-Wuerttemberg is now available in its 7th edition. It is a “must have“ for all serious advertisers and a “must be in“ for all agencies in the many areas of communication services: advertising agencies, designers, media agencies, dialogue agencies, event agencies, PR agencies etc.

Companies will find a complete round-up of information about creative service in EINBLICK®:

  • Agency profiles
  • Alphabetical index of agencies
  • Overview by postcode
  • Overview by markets/industries
  • Overview per special services/focuses of attention


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