Marketing media lab and dream factory

Marketing departments generally have to prepare their campaigns at a very early stage, often when apart from the CAD data, not even a model, prototype or test vehicle exists.

Instead of the cost-intensive and often time-consuming development of a prototype and expensive photo shoot, at Wurzel Medien the new product is created from scratch on the computer. Specialists breathe life into CAD data to create superior quality, high-end pictures and animations.

Whether it is conventional product shots or original settings … ideas are visualised thanks to 3D rendering, CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), photographical experience and a passion for the job!

All details of appearance and movements are fused into photorealistic, appealing pictures or animations and clearly simulate sophisticated technical processes in an easy-to-grasp visual language. Details can be emphasised – and unusual insights exposed. And of course, in any colour or feature variations required. Know-how and a series of automated processes make solutions attractive all around and affordable for customers.

We are well-versed in all techniques of the craft: perfect retouching, postproduction expertise, substantial knowledge for achieving top colour management and all the refinements to produce an optimum picture. And, to make sure that we are always in the right picture, close customer liaison is part of the company’s philosophy. A wealth of experience on the part of committed employees and advanced technology result in high-end postproduction standards.

Benefits for product management and marketing – from printed product to interactive product configurator respectively internet or TV commercial – are thus created.

wurzel medien napshell gr

Napshell: this futuristic bed on an idyllic beach won first prize in the CGI competition staged by the Duesseldorf company, Steinzeit Mediendesign

wurzel medien original kl

Original shot of the beach promenade...

wurzel medien bearbeitet kl

...processed, and with virtual vehicle

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