Classics with a future –
calendars in the 21st century

New media, Internet, Facebook, IPhone or Outlook are the buzzwords of the 21st century, and enjoy increasing importance. If you want to be considered up-to-date, you must keep up with the times. When must I do what with whom? A calendar is indispensable and despite the many electronic aids around, the paper-based calendar has lost none of its popularity.

1971 is regarded as the birth date of the wall calendar. At the time, Manfred Bühner’s idea and aim was to provide an overview of the entire year for clear planning and organisation. Along with the famous graphic designer Hace Frey, he developed a classic for the wall which is still going strong today in the fortieth year of the publishing house’s existence.

Adorned with a customised company imprint, wall calendars became a gigantic business card for well-known companies like Bosch, AOK, Miele, TUEV, AEG and many more. Even today, these prestigious customers continue to value their calendars as an advertising item of significant stature!

In the 21st century Bühner Werbemittel has become a modern publishing house, successfully managed in the second generation by Thomas Bühner. Taking up the reins in 1993, he gave the company a future-oriented, modern focus. Today, a cross-medial approach is pursued, while advanced technology permits an optimised workflow and highly motivated employees turn customers’ wishes into reality in a professional, competent and flexible manner. Over 5,000 customers all over the world purchase millions of calendars every year, receiving the friendly, personal care a Swabian family-run company has to offer.

The company’s portfolio has also grown enormously over the forty years. Aside from the well-known wall calendars, which are now available in a variety of versions and designs, the company also sells over 120 different types of calendar. Single and multi-pad monthly calendars, pocket, book-type or desk calendars and even unique personalised picture calendars are available. As a modern full-service provider, Bühner Werbemittel also offers many other high-quality advertising items as a one-stop shop for customers.

Classics with a future – Bühner ­Werbemittel GmbH & Co. KG!

buehner rolle

buehner kalender

Bühner launched its first wall calendar on the market in 1971

buehner messe

Bühner-Werbemittel exhibition presentation

buehner thomas buehner

Thomas Bühner, CEO

buehner zentrale

The Bühner head office in Ostfildern

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