Papierfabrik Scheufelen:
A tradition in innovation

Papierfabrik Scheufelen, founded in 1855, has been producing two-sided coated paper since 1892. It was the first paper mill in Germany to do so, and is Europe’s leading supplier of premium coated paper.

The art of papermaking

Right up until the present day, Scheufelen has always united tradition and ­innovation in a unique way. The art of papermaking has been continually ­refined throughout the company’s history. ­Combined with a talent for creativity, this has brought forth a constant stream of outstanding paper innovations from Scheufelen.

Our paper sets standards
Paper is more than just a medium for ­carrying ink. Without paper, there would be no knowledge in the world. It lends messages an enduring significance. ­Particularly in our information age, paper endows communication with a tangible value. The reason why we have diverged from our core competence as a manu­facturer of coated white premium paper is owed to our generation-old ­fascination ­for perfecting paper as a cultural vehicle.

Our brands::
premium white since 1855

Scheufelen is the world’s undisputed quality leader in the production of ­coated white premium paper. Our brands, ­phoenixmotion, parilux, heaven 42 and bvs and bro, set the standard in the ­relevant market segments.

phoenixmotion: values in style
phoenixmotion is Scheufelen’s finest coated paper: a unique combination of the haptic qualities of natural paper with the perfect visual appearance and printability of coated papers. The ideal way to present high quality messages elegantly on paper – with an effect that is both tangible and visually impressive.

parilux: unlimited creativity
parilux is Scheufelen’s original coated art printing paper. The best of ­materials and production techniques guarantee unrivalled printing and folding qualities. The ultimate choice where immaculate surfaces, brilliant images and creative techniques such as die cutting, embossing and grooving are involved.

heaven 42: absolute white, absolutely different
heaven 42 is Scheufelen’s absolutely white coated paper with a unique surface. The absolute neutral white tone provides the greatest scope of colours for design and printing afforded by any coated colour worldwide. The perfect foundation for extreme contrasts and combination with ultra-white uncoated paper.

bvs: printer‘s first choice
bvs is Scheufelen’s standard coated ­paper. Its sealed surface, high degree of whiteness and excellent print run ­qualities make it the reliable basis for prestigious products. First choice for printers who value perfect results paired with outstanding economy.

A coated paper designed specifically for web offset printing, perfect for high print runs and exclusive print objects.

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