Dedicated to Education: the Klett Group

In the world of culture and education, Klett has been a synonym for ­premium quality products for well over 100 years. Anyone who provides educational services and who is interested in basic or continued education – primarily in the German-speaking regions and increasingly also in other European countries – is a potential customer. The enterprise has its roots in Stuttgart, the Swabian metropolis in the south of Germany.

The company, originally founded in 1897 by Ernst Klett Senior and his brother-in-law ­Julius Hartmann, evolved into a highly ­respected text book publishing house in the post World War II era. In 1977, the newly founded publishing house Klett-Cotta began publishing prominent literary authors, as well as milestone works in the historic and psychological text and specialist book categories. As a result of the acquisition of additional companies, stakes in other enterprises as well as the establishment of new ones, and ultimately the development of its continued education and seminar business, Klett established itself as a decentralised group of companies boasting a diverse range of business segments.

The Klett Group is currently doing business as an education company all over Europe. It operates branches in metropolises such as Barcelona, Warsaw, Athens or Paris. Just like their counterparts in the German-speaking countries, these subsidiaries develop teaching and learning tools for the specific needs of each pertinent country.

The Klett Group is committed to and considers it its mission to provide educational services. Anyone who participates in education assumes an enormous responsibility. The achievements of this family operated business are based on its strict quality standards and its solid and ­accountable financial management. The company’s management board spokesman, Philipp Haußmann, is the great-grandson of the founder and he represents the fourth generation of the Klett publishing family at the helm of the enterprise.

While education is obviously the business of the Klett Group, it is also its vision: Education allows humans to unfetter their talents and to participate in life economically as well as socially. Consequently, at its Stuttgart head office, the Group is actively involved in numerous initiatives that foster culture and that aim at making educational opportunities available to children and adolescents. For instance, the Group supports Leseohren e. V., a Stuttgart-based project where adults read to children to promote enthusiasm for reading early-on. Klett has also been in a close sponsoring relationship with the ­Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart (Stuttgart International Bach Academy) for decades.

Products and Services for every ­Educational Need

Boasting a network of about 60 publishing houses and enterprises all
over Europe, which are divided into business units Educational Publications,
Professional Information, Adult and Continued Education, Cultural
Publications as well as Sales and Distribution, the Klett Group has established
itself as a prominent provider of educational products of all kinds.
Its subsidiaries offer media and services for every learning scenario and
are therefore in a position to satisfy the ever more diverse and growing
educational needs of their customers.

With their range spanning traditional and digital media for teachers, institutional and at-home students, the Klett Group’s educational publishing houses offer solutions for all educational demands. The professional information publishers compile basic theoretical knowledge and practise-based information, which is available in magazine, loose page and traditional text book formats for a wide spectrum of ­occupations, including primarily teachers and educators.

In the adult and continued education segment, the distance learning schools and colleges and the seminar providers within the Klett Group offer flexible continued education models leading to government accredited degrees. The cultural publication houses complement the spectrum with classic literature for all age groups (including literature for children and adolescents, cultural magazines, ­novels and fantasy).

The Klett Group also offers sales and distribution services: Its logistics companies ­handle services ranging from order processing to warehouse management to order picking and shipping.

In order to warrant the same high level of product quality in its international sales and to accommodate the special national requirements, the Group is represented by autonomous publishing houses in 14 European countries. They develop tailored media for the respective education systems.

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